Nom (Subject) + GST Verb  + Acc. (DO) + Dat. (Indirect Object)
[Give, Show, Tell (GST) Verbs: do - give; trado, hand over; narro - tell; dico - say; ostendo - show]
elephantus fabulam equīs narrat = The Nom gives, shows, or tells the Acc. to the Dat  (The elephant tells a story to the horses.)
I can add “fluff” to distract...such as prep phrases, adjs, advs, and genitive.
elephantus ingens fabulam laetam lente equīs sub ponte narrat
The sentence remains Nom. + GST + Acc.  + Dat. The “fluff” simply describes.
The huge elephant tells a happy story slowly to the horses under the bridge.
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