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Common Latin Prepositions
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Latin Preps that take the Accusative Case
ad (+acc) = to, toward, near
per (+acc) - through
in (+acc) into, onto, against
prope (+acc) = near
ante (+acc) = before
post (+acc) = after, behind
circum (+acc) = around
contra (+acc) = against
inter (+acc) = between, among
trans (+acc) = across
extra (+acc) = outside 
propter (+acc) = because of
sub (+ acc) - under (with motion)
Latin Preps that take the 
Ablative Case  (the Ablative 8)
ab or a (+abl) = from, away from, by 
de (+abl) - from, down from about
ex or e (+abl) from, out of
cum (+abl) = with
sine (+abl) = without
in (+abl) = in, on (shows location)
sub (+abl) = under (shows location)
pro (+abl) = for, in front of