NB: To get the perfect stem, go to the 3rd principal part and drop the -ī

1st Conjugation

amaveram - I had loved

amaverās - you had loved

amaverat - he had loved

amaverāmus - we had loved

amaverātis - you had loved

amaverant - they had

2nd Conjugation

tenueram - I had held

tenuerās - you had held

tenuerat - he had held

tenuerāmus - we had held

tenuerātis - you had held

tenuerant - they had held

3rd Conjugation

duxeram - I had led

duxerās - you had led

duxerat - he had led

duxerāmus - we had led

duxerātis - you had led

duxerant - they had led

3rd -io Conjugation

cēperam - I had taken

cēperās - you had taken

cēperat - he had taken

cēperāmus - we had taken

cēperātis - you had taken

cēperant - they had taken

4th Conjugation

vēneram - I had come

vēnerās - you had come

vēnerat - he had come

vēnerāmus - we had come

vēnerātis - you had come

vēnerant - they had come

Pluperfect Active Indicative

Irregular - Sum

fueram - I had been

fuerās - you had been

fuerat - he had been

fuerāmus - we had been

fuerātis - you had been

fuerant - they had been

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