NB: To get the perfect stem, go to the 3rd principal part and drop the -ī

1st Conjugation

amavī - I loved

amavistī - you loved

amavit - he loved

amavimus -  we loved

amavistis - you loved

amavērunt - they loved

2nd Conjugation

tenuī- I held

tenuistī - you held

tenuit - he held

tenuimus - we held

tenuistis - you held

tenuērunt - they held

3rd Conjugation

duxī - I led
duxistī - you led

duxit - he led

duximus - we led

duxistis - you led

duxērunt - they led

3rd -io Conjugation

cepī -I took

cepistī- you took

cepit - he took

cepimus - we took

cepistis - you took

cepērunt- they took

4th Conjugation

venī - I came

venistī - you came

venit - he came

venimus - we came

venistis - you came

venērunt - they came

Perfect Active Indicative

Irregular - Sum

fuī - I have been

fuistī - you have been

fuit - he has been

fuimus - we have been

fuistis - you have been

fuērunt - they have been

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