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Dative Case - Additional Functions
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Dative of Reference can be used with a “being” verb to show possession or
nomen mihi est Spankius = my name is Spanky (The name to me  is Spanky)
2. Dative of Purpose uses two datives with the verb “to be” to show purpose.
Dorkius auxiliō neminī est = Dorky is a help to no one. (D is “for a help to no one”)
3. Dative with Adjectives  Some adjectives take a dative object
idoneus canibus = suitable for dogs;  similis magistrō = similiar to the teacher
4. Dative with Special Verb: Some verbs take a dative object instead of an acc. object. These verbs are intransitive (state of being or motion from place to place)
Aquavirō occurrimus= we meet Aquaman (we “run to” Aquaman)
Wonderfeminae non credidī = I did not believe Wonderwoman.
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