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Latin often uses the neuter plural “haec” by itself to mean “these things”
                 hic = this/these (he/she/it)
             Masc     Fem       Neut         English     
Nom:   hic          haec         hoc       this (he/she it)
Gen:    huius     huius       huius      this (his/her/its)
Dat:    huic         huic         huic      this(to him/her/it)
Acc:    hunc       hanc        hoc         this (him/her/it)
Abl:      hōc         hāc          hōc          this (him/her/it)
Nom:    hī            hae          haec        these (they)
Gen:   hōrum    hārum    hōrum    these (their)
Dat:     hīs          hīs            hīs           these (to them)
Acc:     hōs         hās          haec        these (them)
Abl:      hīs           hīs           hīs            these (them)
                 Ille = that/those (he/she/it)
             Masc     Fem       Neut         English     
Nom:   ille          illa          illud       that (he/she it)
Gen:    illius     illius      illius      that (his/her/its)
Dat:    illī          illī            illī             that (to him/her/it)
Acc:    illum     illam      illud         that (him/her/it)
Abl:      illō         illā          illō            that (him/her/it)
Nom:    illī          illae       illa            those (they)
Gen:   illōrum  illārum  illōrum    those (their)
Dat:     illīs         illīs        illīs           those (to them)
Acc:     illōs        illās       illa              those (them)
Abl:      illīs          illīs         illīs            those (them)