Sentence Patterns
Translating Latin is much like solving a math equation. First, you need to know your “facts” i.e. noun & verb endings,  etc. From there, much of translating follows the Latin equivalent of PEMDAS. There are common Latin sentence patterns, which can be super helpful. Sometimes you need to rely on both “facts” and context clues.
Nominative   Verb    Accusativetrans_1.html
Nominative  Verb   Infinitive  Accusativetrans_2.html
 Accusative Verb (subject in the verb)trans_5.html
Nominative  GST   Accusative   Dativetrans_3.html
Nominative  Verb   Dative trans_4.html
Imperative  Accusative   trans_7.html
Nominative = Nominative (sum ) trans_6.html
Sentence Patterns Drilltrans_Drills.html