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Key Facts about RP
1. A relative pronoun introduces a subordinate  clause called a relative clause. 
2. In Latin, a relative  clause begins with the RP and usually ends with the nearest verb.
3. The noun from the main clause which the RP replaces is called the antecedent.
4. The relative pronoun  gets its gender and number from its antecedent, but it gets its case from its use in the relative clause.
               Quī, Quae, Quod = who/which
             Masc     Fem       Neut         English     
Nom:   quī         quae          quod       who/which 
Gen:    cuius     cuius      cuius      whose/of which
Dat:    cuī          cuī            cuī           to whom/to which 
Acc:    quem     quam      quod         whom/which
Abl:      quō         quā         quō            whom/which
Nom:    quī          quae       quae          who/which
Gen:   quōrum  quārum  quōrum    whose/ of which
Dat:     quibus   quibus    quibus    to whom/ to which
Acc:     quōs        quās       quae          whom/which
Abl:     quibus     quibus   quibus      whom/which