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Ablative & Accusative  = Object of a Preposition (OOP)Direct_Object.html
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Every preposition needs to take a noun/pronoun as its object. A prep + a noun = a prepositional phrase. That prep phrase acts like either an adverb or adjective. 
Ex. through the window, over the corpse, in the Jello, 
Ex: The toaster flew into the manure.  “Into the manure” is a prep phrase acting as an adverb telling where the toaster flew.Direct_Object.html
An OOP in Latin either takes the acc. or abl case. Most preps take the acc, but 8 common preps take the abl.
Flaccus in arbore habitat. ‘in’ takes the abl.
Testudo per ignem ambulat. ‘per’ takes the acc.Direct_Object.html
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