Roman Government


Key Terms

plebs/plebeians - common people, tradesmen, masses, the poor

patricians - the wealthy, nobility, landowners

optimates - conservative faction of the senate

triumvirate - ruling group of 3 men. 1st: Caesar, Crassus, Pompey

Cincinnatus - Early Roman Hero who saved Rome

Horatius - Early Roman hero who defended a bridge alone, then swam the river to safety

Lars Porsenna - Etruscan king hld off by Horatius at the bridge

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MR. ED = Monarchy, Republic, Empire, Downfall

Empire:  27 BC - 476 AD

Imperator: emperor had total rule. Hereditary succession.

Augustus Caesar (formerly Octavian): 1st emperor

Others: Nero, Hadrian, Caligula

Republic:  509 BC-27 BC
2 consuls: elected rulers. Their power was offset by the Senate. 
Tribune: elected to represent common people. Had veto power in the Senate.
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Monarchy:  753 BC - 509 BC

Rex- king ruled during monarchy.

Tarquinius Superbus - Tarquin the Proud was the last Roman King.

Servius Tullius - slave that  

became a famous Roman king