Common Latin Phrases used in English

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in totō = in all, entirely
verbatim = word for word
per diem = daily
per annum – per year
per capita = per person (literally ‘by the heads’)
per sē = by itself
ad infinitum = toward eternity, forever
cave canem = beware of the dog 
carpe diem = seize the day
caveat emptor = let the buyer beware 
festina lente = Take your time/haste makes waste – literally “hurry slowly”
amor vincit omnia = Love Conquers All
terra firma = Firm Ground
venī, vidī, vicī = I came, I saw, I conquered
summā cum laude = with the highest praise
ab ovō usque ad mala = from eggs to apples; from start to finish
cum granō salis = with a grain of salt
persona Non Grata = Person not welcome
terra incognita = Unknown Territory
tempus fugit = Time Flies
ad astra per aspera = to the stars through difficulties
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