Latin Abbreviations and Mottoes

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i.e. (id est) = that is to say, in other words
p.s. (post scriptum) = after the writing
e.g. (exemplī gratiā) = for example 
a.d. (annō dominī) = in the year of the lord 
n.b. (nota bene) = note well, pay attention
etc. (et cetera) = and the rest  (list ender) 
et al. (et alia) = and the others (list ender) 
pro tem. (pro tempore) = temporarily, for the time being
a.m./p.m. ante/post meridiem - before/after noon
Famous Mottoes
e pluribus unum = one out of many (US Motto)
semper fidelis = always faithful  (Marine Corps)
Semper paratus = Always Prepared (Coast Guard)
SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus) = Senate & the Roman People (Roman Republic)
Mens sana in corpore sanō =  sound mind in a sound body (YMCA Motto)
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