(Blank, -is, m or f  pattern) The nominative can be a number of different forms. Some common ones include: -is, -es, -x, -ns, -or, -er

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Nominative sing.    Blank
Genitive sing          -is
Dative sing.             -ī
Accusative sing.      -em
Ablative sing.        -e
Nominative pl.       -ēs
   Genitive pl.             -um
Dative Pl.              -ibus
Accusative pl.        -ēs
Ablative pl.            -ibus
3rd Declension Noun Endings
Example 2
Nom: comes
Gen: comitis
Dat: comitī
Acc: comitem
Abl: comite
Nom: comitēs
Gen: comitum
Dat: comitibus
Acc: comitēs
Abl: comitibus
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Example 1
Nom: rex - king
Gen: regis - of the king
Dat: regī - to the king
Acc: regem - king
Abl: rege - king
Nom: regēs - kings
Gen: regum - of the kings
Dat: regibus - to/for kings
Acc: regēs - kings
Abl: regibus - kings