(Blank, -is, n pattern) The nominative can be a number of different forms.

Nominative sing.    Blank
Genitive sing          -is
Dative sing.             -ī
Accusative sing.      -Blank
Ablative sing.        -e
Nominative pl.       -a
   Genitive pl.             -um
Dative Pl.              -ibus
Accusative pl.        -a
Ablative pl.            -ibus
3rd Declension Neuter Nouns
Example 2
Nom: vulnus
Gen: vulneris
Dat: vulnerī
Acc: vulnus
Abl: vulnere
Nom: vulnera
Gen: vulnerum
Dat: vulneribus
Acc: vulnera
Abl: vulneribus
Example 1
Nom: carmen - song
Gen: carminis - of a song
Dat: carminī - to/for a song
Acc: carmen - song
Abl: carmine - song
Nom: carmina - songs
Gen: carminum - of songs
Dat: carminibus -to/for songs
Acc: carmina - songs
Abl: carminibus - songs
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Neuter Law: Nominative & Accusative are always the same